We're baaack!

A reboot of WinePOS - formerly known as Vision

on 2018-05-03 Jim McMillan wrote

We’re baaack! You can’t see those words without thinking of ‘Arrrnald’ in the Terminator series of movies. But in many ways this refers to us as well, with one exception – we never left. In the past year, we have undergone many changes. However the core element of our company – to provide you with the best Point Of Sale system for retail Liquor Stores - has remained the same. Many of you know that Tony and Anne retired in 2017. Happily, they still remain a part of our family (they were honored guests at our holiday party this year) and we get to see Tony at least once a month. As founders of Vision (now known as WinePOS), they were the pioneers of retail liquor pos solutions and had guided the direction of the company for over 35 years. Our company would not enjoy the reputation it has without the dedicated Support staff. Our team of skilled and dedicated individuals has retail liquor store experience; they speak your language and know your business. Some new faces as well as some familiar names grace our hallways these days. Our Support team has been strengthened with the addition of Deborah Jackson-Thomas, who returns to ICS as our Support Manager and Steve Gafana. Our Marketing team has also been enhanced by the addition of Marissa Thomson, who also returns to ICS after marketing stints at several companies. We also welcome Kristin Yagla, who has the title of Office Administrator, but in reality is the ‘go-to’ implementer for many of our projects and plans. Finally, we are happy to have Sue Lyle, who is our Transition Manager and has been invaluable in helping us navigate through the new channels and processes of our parent company. There will be many changes upcoming in the next couple of months, as we begin to take advantage of the new tools afforded us by our parent. We look forward to sharing them with you!