The mysterious UPC

UPC's are everywhere. But have you ever wondered about their use?

on 2018-06-28 Jim McMillan wrote

So what does that ‘U’ stand for in UPC?

While many people think ‘unique’ it really stands for Universal. A UPC code ‘should’ be identical for the same product, regardless of where it’s found.

But today, that’s not the case. There are differing standards within UPC coding structure, resulting in the same product having multiple UPC’s.

Recently, the converse has become more prevalent. A manufacturer, looking to avoid the paperwork associated with filing for a UPC, now sidesteps the process by using that same UPC for multiple products. As you would think, this wreaks havoc with POS systems, especially in Liquor Stores, as this ‘Multiple SKU, single UPC’ scenario plays out for many craft beer products. And it’s a common situation, which will only grow over time.

Fortunately WinePOS has addressed this with a simple-to-use function at the POS terminal.

So, 1 SKU – many UPC’s or 1 UPC – many SKU’s; it doesn’t matter. WinePOS has you covered. We’ll be happy to explain this to you!