Is your POS system really PCI compliant?

What does PCI really mean?

on 2018-05-29 Jim McMillan wrote

There is a lot of buzz surrounding PCI compliancy and even more confusion about what it means. To many, PCI means that credit card transactions are executed in a secure environment, protecting both the merchant and the customer from fraud. And many retail POS systems stop there, hoping that you won’t ask them additional questions. To safeguard yourself you should look deeper into what exactly PCI stands for and what it means to you and your system. PCI involves much more than credit cards. As an example, it requires encrypted passwords for each of your users and additional security functions that provide detailed protection. Given the breaches of today, these standards are good insurance to have. That is why WinePOS is certified by the PCI Security Standards Council. Every year, we submit our system to a series of extensive tests, to ensure that we (and you) will have software that performs to the current requirements. So, you can trust a system that ‘says’ it is PCI compliant. Or you can select a company, WinePOS, that has gone the extra mile to protect you and your data.