Wine of the Month

Create, Manage, Ship, and Track

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

As part of the continually expanding feature set of Vision, we have recently introduced a Wine of the Month (WOM) program. This permits you to enter a customer and assign one or multiple wine clubs to their account and invoice them on a regular basis. A wine club can have a finite or infinite expiration date, can contain one to a hundred wines and can be either prepaid or ‘pay as you go’. Wine clubs can be ordered as ‘gifts’ with the ability to track both the giver and the receiver. All of this gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility in creating custom programs, whether they are the traditional Red Wine/White Wine or the Beer-of-the-month or even cordial-of-the-month!

As the monthly wine club processing creates a Customer Order, all of the features available in both the dashboard and Customer Order function are available to this billing set. You can mass-charge, create shipping labels and link up with the FedEx Ship Manager to keep this redundant task down to a few clicks.

Many of our retailers see a Wine of the Month program as a way to keep their name in front of the customer. We see it as the ability to enter into an entirely new marketing opportunity. No matter how you look at it, it’s a win-win!

Think of your Vision system as more than a POS program and unleash the profit potential by using this easy and powerful marketing program. You’ll be glad you did!