Who says you're not one of the big guys ... Part Two

Work like the big guys, but on a budget

on 2013-05-01 Tony Pitale wrote

One of the most successful online retailers in the world is Amazon. There are few ‘connected’ humans who have not crossed this behemoths path at one time or another. No doubt, they are the ‘big gorilla’ when it comes to retailing.

Anyone who orders from them, sees a section called “Other products you might like” or “Customer who bought (your item) also bought ______” This is a concept called “Affinity” and it can be used in your store for product placement, sales pairing and subtle grouping of items together.

Vision has two Custom reports that provide you with Affinity statistics. By entering an item, sale date range and specifying if you want to track customer identified sales or all sales, you can see what else was purchased on either a product level or category (sub department) level in the same transaction, along with profit figures for both your targeted item and the associated ones.

Just another way that Vision lets you act like the big boys. Only this time you can do it with 40,000 fewer employees….