What More Can I Say?

Thank you Sunil

on 2015-06-02 Tony Pitale wrote

So often, ICS only hears from our customers when they have a problem or need some help. Recently, Jim was working with a potential new Vision client. The prospect contacted an existing client, Sunil from Westchester Wine Warehouse and asked about ICS and Vision. Here is what Sunil had to say…

I reviewed everything in the quote and the extra services document and it’s in line with what we have paid in the past. The credit card terminal and stand is almost $1,000. This is the type that is needed starting October 2015 because of the new credit card regulations. In fact, I have to buy 6 of them for our store. They’re expensive, but necessary. The rest of the quote is for one software license for the cash register. But, the best part is that you can hook up as many back office computers as you want. You can also ring up phone orders from the back office machines and there is no extra charge for using it as a cash register. This saves a lot of time of not having to do phone transactions at the one register. You can also have multiple people working on the back office machines for doing purchase orders and taking phone orders, etc. without having to run to the one register.

The other fees are for training where they come to you to train you. This is worth it as it is one-on-one and the trainer, Marissa, is very good. She is patient and answers all of your questions. You also need to have your present data converted from your current system and put into the new system. This is absolutely essential because you do not want to run two systems. We had to do this too and it was well worth it. They did it very well and I can still look up stuff from 12 years ago!

There are other monthly fees that they detailed in the attachment, such as credit card gateways, vault data backup, automatic software update, that are necessary. It gives you peace of mind that if anything happens, you are backed up and protected. I also use the Vision Connect for access to the in store system from home. This is an extra $120/year but is excellent. I use it for sending orders and checking on what’s going on in the store without being there. It’s as if you’re in the store working in the back office.

There are many levels of security using passwords that you can set up and give individual access to whomever you want. I found this to be very helpful. You don’t need to worry about someone new coming in and screwing things up.

ICS and the Vision software are both very good for using in the wine and liquor business. For any tech support, you can email them and they will respond the same day, and without any charge, unless it’s something extensive. I have never had an issue with them on this. They are also open to suggestions and try to incorporate them into their updates and releases. I really haven’t had to worry about our POS system as I did with the prior piece of garbage we had from XYZ (name removed to protect ICS and Sunil). I can sleep peacefully knowing that my POS system will work the next day and if it doesn’t, there’s a good company behind it.

I researched every system out there for one year and talked to other store owners before I decided to go with ICS and Vision back in 2008 and found that it met and exceeded our needs both in price and quality. I recently upgraded and purchased a new server and it works even faster now. I was using a server that was 10 years old and is still going but we wanted to take advantage of some new features and it was necessary to upgrade. ICS will try to use your old/current equipment as much as possible without having you pay money for nothing. When it’s necessary, it’s necessary.

Good luck. Call or email me if you have any other concerns or questions.

All the best, Sunil

Sunil Khurana Westchester Wine Warehouse 53 Tarrrytown Road White Plains, NY 10607