What can Brown do for you?

on 2012-11-08 Tony Pitale wrote

As everyone knows, the end of the year is an important time for retailers. This is no different for Retail Liquor Stores. It’s not uncommon to have new businesses opening in late October, early November in order to catch the largest selling season of the year.

This year has been no different, until we were visited by Sandy. Innovative Computer Solutions has 2 customers opening the first week of November, both in areas unaffected by the storm. Usually this would not be cause for concern; we configure our POS’s and servers at the office and ship them in time for the installation.

Right, the office. That powerless (but solid – after all it used to be a bank) structure in the middle of Brielle, surrounded by downed trees, live wires and a limited driving ban. So we had the Vision order (at our temporary site – more on that later), the equipment and needed to get it out by November 1st.

So, one of our team navigated their way to Riverview Drive and collected the boxes. Next problem – finding a delivery service. We had seen several UPS trucks in the area, so we thought that would be an option. But, without power, there was no way to schedule pickup, create labels or weigh the packages.

Through a stroke of luck, one of our team had the cell phone of our regular UPS driver, Ralph. We contacted him and he told us how we could fill out manual labels. Next, we asked him if we could get the packages to him, as he was not scheduled to do any pickups during the day. Ralph said that he was in the ‘frozen zone’ an area in which passes were required in order to travel.

Another team member had access to the special passes through their family; they picked up the POS System and made their way to Ralph, who graciously accepted the boxes. They are now on their way to Seattle, where Vision will be installed on Thursday, just in time for a grand opening of Bob’s West Lake Liquors on Friday.

Thanks Ralph, for going well above and beyond the call! And thanks to the ICS team, for pulling this together, one more example of exemplary behind-the-scenes customer service.