Vision vs RMS

Are You Serious?

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

For several years, we at ICS have been hearing about how wonderful RMS is. How it does everything, how it is cheaper to buy and install, etc. A couple of times ICS and our inventory control system, Vision, has lost competitive sales to this product.

Well, we’ve finally taken a look at the system from a retailer’s perspective and frankly, we are wondering “What the heck are you thinking?”

Any retailer who is seriously concerned about using a Retail POS to help their business will never select this product. Any retailer doing Retail Wine POS due diligence will quickly come to the conclusion that a generic system, consisting of modules bolted together, will not serve their interest, will cost more money in the long run (Oh, you want fries with that? Well that’s an additional…) and end up taking time, energy and money that would be better spent in running your business.

At ICS, we have an integrated system. That means there is one module – Vision. There isn’t a Vision Inventory, Vision POS, Vision Customer Order process. It is all one application, blended seamlessly by experts who have been in the POS business longer than that competitor.

And while we are on that subject, don’t think that you get the big name support just because you purchased this product. They sell the software to a dealer who will install it in your pet store, shoe store, any store in which they will make money. The resellers are the ones you must call when things go wrong. Do you think they will have patience for your liquor-store-based questions? The dealer did not write the software. Nor did they write the bolt-on applications and modules.

If you want to look at a fully functional, completely integrated, broad- based program, exclusively serving the Retail Liquor Industry, backed by the experience of over 25 years, we invite you to look at Vision. We invite any comparison; it won’t take you long to find the ‘steak’, as opposed to the ‘sizzle’.

If, however, you need to buy on the cheap, NCR has some cash registers that will do the job until you are ready to upgrade.