Vision On The Cutting Edge


on 2011-10-11 Tony Pitale wrote

Vision on the cutting edge with V-Droid

ICS is very excited to add a new service to our growing family of “V” products. For everyone that has been intrigued by a truly portable solution to Vision, here it is.


With our initial foray into the wireless world, ICS is able to offer a solution that provides several highly productive functions. Real-time, from the floor Price Updates are now a reality. Or helping to describe a particular wine to a customer by showing them the Tasting Notes for any product. With every holiday season there are always lines at the check-out. Using the Line Busting feature, you can pre-ring a customer and speed the check-out process. Other functions include Physical Inventory, Shelf Restocking, Receive Purchases, Inventory Adjustment and Transfer Inventory.

The V-Droid solution uses virtually any android tablet and a thumb-sized UPC scanner. The same android tablet can be used for other non-Vision applications.

Be sure to check back as we add more new and exciting functionality to V-Droid.