Vision Enhancements

Customer Order and Item Tooltips

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

A very useful feature of the recently release Enhanced Customer Order module is the ability to create various emails that can be emailed to your customer. This process will go a long way in improving your communication with the customer. It helps to keep your customer informed on the status of the order they have placed with your store. Let’s not keep them in the dark. Use email to tell them the progress of their order.

There are large enhancements to Vision and at times, a few small ones. There is one small change of note. In the AA form, a new tool tip has been added that gives you the suggested retail price for an item. With this tool tip, there is no need to get out the calculator to decide what retail price to charge for any item. Using the cost and markup (or gross profit) percentage, the system will suggest what retail price you might want to charge.

Try it out. You might have just found one of those little priceless nuggets of Vision.