Vision Customer Referral policy

Earn Money with new customer referral

on 2013-04-29 Tony Pitale wrote

Do you want to know how to keep extra money in your pocket with Vision POS?

Here at ICS, we value referrals. Every time you send a referral our way for a new customer we will give you 1 free year of the Automatic Software Release Program! All you need to do is call or e-mail us the name and number of the potential customer and when they become a new member of the ICS family, you will receive a free year of ASRP.

It’s that easy!

• Automatic Software Release Plan

Our Automatic Software Release Plan (ASRP) provides you, the retailer, with the latest and greatest features of Vision. As ICS continues to develop new features, such as Wine of the Month Club, ASRP subscribers are provided that new feature at no additional cost. With each release, new online documentation is available. The documentation is written to make it easy for you to learn how a new feature works and how best to integrate a new procedure into the operation of your store. (Help>Contents>Release Notes).

The ASRP provides your retail location an update to the Vision application software on a regular basis, usually every four to six weeks. Simply put, this means you will have new software installed in your system at regular intervals. This accomplishes several objectives. ASRP allows ICS to keep every retailer location on the same relative version of the Vision application. Being on a current version of the application also makes problem determination a quicker process. This could potentially reduce billable time to a minimum. With each update, any database changes are automatically done.

Not signed up for ASRP? Just give us a call or e-mail and we’ll activate it for you today!