Vision and CRM

Fostering Mutually Beneficial Relationship

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

The term CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has been liberally tossed around as a far-reaching definition for the ongoing interaction between a business and the clientele it serves.

CRM, as defined by Wikipedia, refers to the processes that a company uses to organize and track its prospects and customers. While customers may view a company as a single entity, in reality it comprises several diverse departments performing various functions on behalf of the customer. The goal of a competent CRM, is to provide support, analysis and marketing through these departments, while appearing (to the customer) to be a single, unified body.

CRM is not in itself software; rather it is a comprehensive top-down approach to customer information management. Once a companies policy and process for CRM has been defined, software can be used to provide focus to each of the components that comprise the overall organizational philosophy.

Vision provides a number of customer-centric tools to assist in data organization and management.

For starters, good information regarding a customer begins with demographics. Identifying a customer type, their physical location, any related shipping addresses and specific notes provide the foundation for everything else that follows.

From the accounting perspective, saved credit cards, charging limits, ability to accept checks, the generation of statements (and the parameters associated with this function), provide the characteristics for each customer’s financial relationship with your company.

As sales are accrued, regardless of their capture at the POS or back office, specific program discounts provide valued accounts with pricing advantages not available to occasional customers.

The data compiled as a result of each sale, becomes valuable information, enabling you to direct your marketing efforts toward the customers based on their known preferences, not some pre-conceived notions (“Well, I think I like Chardonnay”) This in turn, allows you to fine-tune your discounts for these customers, acknowledging what they buy frequently and maintaining higher margins on their “less recurrent” purchases.

Using Vision as an integral tool for your overall CRM plan will provide you with the metrics you need every step of the way, in an easy-to-access, centralized format. Our system, coupled with your store’s process, can contribute to better Customer Relationship Management as well as boosting Consumer Revenue Movement.