Keep track of your employees time

on 2014-08-14 Tony Pitale wrote

Vision Time Clock is a simple yet effective solution to keeping track of employee hours. It features a very simple user interface that is fully integrated with Vision’s user accounts so there is no need to change your data – you are already compatible. Currently, users have the ability to clock in, clock out, take a lunch/meal or break. The smart user interface controls the work flow to ensure data integrity and minimize user error while still allowing the user to control their own punches.

The Vision Time Clock has a built in Administration Panel for quick reports and record manipulation. Users records are displayed in real time so keeping track of your staff is easy and even allows an Administrator to flag records for later review or delete records that have been mistakenly entered. All actions are tracked in a system audit log, making it easy to see what changed and when.

For more information, please contact your ICS team.