Having a good backup could save you money

on 2016-01-13 Tony Pitale wrote

ICS is pleased to announce a new service, designed to provide you with additional backup security for your valuable Vision data.

As everyone knows, the information that you collect on a daily basis is critical to your operations, not only from a financial perspective but from an analytical and marketing one. This data helps you to make intelligent business decisions, from the type of product you purchase to the benefits of promotions in your sales ecosystem. It’s obvious that this loss of data would do irreparable harm to your store.

Daily backups are a major part of your Vision system, however we all know that the messages, indicating that a backup has failed, often goes overlooked. This is where V-BackupSentry comes in.

V-BackupSentry is a monitoring tool that checks your server to ensure that there is a reliable internet connection between your store and our office. At the same time, it checks your backup health, alerting us when a backup failure has occurred. We, in turn, will alert your store, advising the appropriate action to be taken (based on the type of failure identified).

V-BackupSentry is available for a charge of $180.00 per year, billed annually. For customers who also have the standard Datavault (offsite backup) service, V-BackupSentry can be added for a fee of $90.00, again billed annually.