Touch Screen Mania

Touch-based Register Interfaces

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

‘Come on, Come on, Come on, now touch me babe…’ Perhaps the Doors were not thinking Point-of-Sale when they penned these lyrics in the 60’s. However the fact remains, a touch-based register interface provides users with several significant benefits.

In the past, ICS’ concerns regarding touchscreen usage were based on several factors:

  • Price – until recently, the price for touchscreen LCD’s was typically 2 to 3 times that of a standard LCD. Furthermore, to avoid sticker shock, users were forced to settle on smaller screens, bypassing the larger standard sizes offered by conventional LCD’s.
  • Durability – In a liquor Store environment, cleanliness is not always possible, even if the cashier is confined to their specific register. Combined with the tendency for touchscreens to develop dead areas, this combination of dirt and usage often led to replacement rates for LCD touch screens far in excess of typical monitors used in conventional keyboard environments.

As time has progressed, the touchscreen technology has become more reliable and the prices for these units have decreased. ICS has continued to evaluate these units and we feel that the technology has finally reached a point where both the durability of the units and the entry price is at a threshold that is acceptable for our clients.

We are pleased to announce the V+touch Register Interface for all Vision products. The V+touch Interface can be combined with any existing Vision release (over 705) to turn a touch-ready ELO LCD monitor into a register that responds to touch commands.

The V+Touch register provides all of the functionality of the keyboard operated Vision register in a simple, intuitive, on-screen interface. Buttons located on the screen will activate specific tasks (Void Item, Discount, Price Override, Product Lookup), without the need for the comparable function keys on the keyboard. Where appropriate, numeric or alpha keypads are displayed on the screen; these can be used for searches, multiple quantities, or other relevant entry.