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The newest tool in the Vision shed

on 2012-08-20 Tony Pitale wrote

When Vision was initially developed, we decided to remove our accounting module and substitute QuickBooks.

Our reasoning for this was:

-There was a significant amount of improvement we wanted to introduce into the core Vision system; the addition of an internal accounting package would distract our development.

-By integrating with an application specifically oriented toward accounting and financial reporting, we would provide a broader, more comprehensive solution than we could ever hope to develop.

-ICS is not an accounting company.

While some of our early users missed the simplicity of the in-house accounting package, once they saw the additional features of QuickBooks, they quickly accepted our philosophy. And the Quick Book interface has become a function that is used by a majority of Vision customers.

As Vision continues to mature, we look for tools to complement and advance the product, while not introducing too much overhead (which would slow the system down).

Recently, we have completed testing on another tool and are happy to announce it to our Vision customers. The Custom Label module represents a major enhancement to the current process, expanding the aesthetic capability (new fonts) as well as the artistic functionality (colored fonts and backgrounds).

Shelf labels, shelf talkers and case talkers can be designed by the ICS team to your specifications. Upon completion, these are added to a custom labels tab which will appear in the Print UPC or Shelf labels function (AC).

The addition of this tool greatly expands the capability of the labels function and will result in a major step forward in providing Vision retailers with a customized ‘look and feel’ for their store.

ICS looks forward to adding additional tools to our (and your) toolkit. Because, as you know, ‘you can never have too many’.