Three Brothers BBQ

DataVault to the rescue

on 2013-09-26 Tony Pitale wrote

Is your data critical? We think so and our retailers agree.

Recognizing both its importance and value, Vision customers take steps to ensure the safety and integrity of their information. ICS has also put in place several levels of redundancy to protect our retailers, ranging from frequent backups during the day, to overnight backups (to USB drives), to offsite storage, which we call DataVault. We put these measures in place to be prepared, however we hope they will never be required.

Recently, however, the value of this ‘insurance’ was demonstrated. One of our retailers, Three Brothers in Baltimore, experienced a catastrophic loss, when their store caught fire on a Saturday night. By Sunday morning, all that remained was a single wall.

By Monday morning, Three Brothers had developed a plan to re-open in a temporary building and were busy ordering new product from their vendors. They contacted us and were happy to hear that their DataVault backup was complete and ready to install.

Thursday, they were up and running. Because DataVault is a complete backup, everything from the Sales History down to the cashier passwords is retained, so no additional preparation is required in order to get up and (re)running. They plugged in their new computer, opened the POS and began to sell.

We hope this never happens to you but Life’s Little Adventures can occur at the most inconvenient time. Make sure your backups are secure and removed from your premise daily. And for additional coverage, take a look at the Vision DataVault function. It’s a small price for peace of mind.