The Hits Keep On Coming

How UPS Can Improve Your Customer Order Experience

on 2011-04-14 Tony Pitale wrote

How much excitement can I take?

In the last month, we have had the release of the new Logic Control LV3000 7” LCD customer display. This was followed by the Honeywell 1900 driver license scanner. Today, let’s talk about our latest exciting project - UPS shipping integration.

For those ICS clients that are using the customer order module, you have several options at the time of shipping. Your customer could walk in to your store to pick up their purchase. You could deliver the order. Or you can ship it via one of the major carriers.

Prior to this day, we were able to make a loosely coupled solution between Vision and Fedex, using the Fedex Ship Manager software. This software is provided by Fedex and loaded by Fedex. They control the development (or lack thereof) for this product.

Today, we are very pleased to offer a solution that integrates with the UPS WorldShip application. The exciting story is that it took us about four hours to complete the integration, with the on-site help of a UPS representative. Even more exciting is the integration works and we have a great deal more control over the coupling of the two systems.

For shipping purposes, having an integrated solution with your Vision system saves time and money. You appear more professional to your shopper. Your shipping productivity increases. And your entire customer order process improves its efficiency substantially.

Just another example of how Vision continues to evolve to meet todays changing environment.  

No wonder I’m psyched!