Thank you ICS Team

Our hard work pays off

on 2012-06-05 Tony Pitale wrote

Now that June 1 has passed, all of us at ICS can take a brief moment to reflect on what has just happened. For those of you not aware, Washington state privatized all of their retail spirits operation as of June 1.

In anticipation of this date, ICS has spent a great deal of time meeting with potential WA retailers, in the hopes of promoting our Vision inventory control/POS system. During the four weeks that I was personally in the state, I met with over 40 contract store owners and 20+ state store auction winners. In the end, we were able to close over 30 contracts for new systems.

Then the fun began. We had to build all of the new systems and have them shipped to the new retailers, in time for a June 1 installation and go live. At the same time, we had to plan on training all of the new retailers in order to allow them to open their new stores as soon as possible after the morning of June 1.

I am very proud of my ICS team. We shipped, from our NJ office, over 120 boxes of hardware. We arranged for the drop shipment of an equal number of boxes from our vendors. We had five people ready for training during the critical days before and after June1. We had two people in the state during the days leading up to June1 to do some on-site hardware installations and one-on-one training. Since June 1, we have kept our NJ office open till 8 PM (5PM Pacific time), to allow our trainers to continue to train during normal business hours for the WA retailers.

While all of this did not occur with out a hitch, the obstacles we encountered were handled promptly and to the satisfaction of our new family of WA retailers. We continue to deal with minor issues, but are proud that our Washington Vision enhancements were spot on in terms of accuracy and usefulness.

We now look forward to a long term and mutually beneficial business relationship with all of the new members of our Vision family.

Lastly, thank you to each and every member of the ICS team for an outstanding and unprecedented operation.