System Backups

Using a USB Flash Drive

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

Vision now uses a new and improved in-store server backup technology. A USB flash drive is inserted in your store server. Backups will continue to be added to the USB drive until space has been exhausted, at which time, new backups will over-write the old ones.

This new process is faster and cheaper than the cd-rw currently in use. In addition, the USB flash drive offers more storage capacity, has no moving parts and more reliable overall.

The best part is that you can use as USB drive for a set period of time, say a month, then insert a new one, taking the one just removed off-site. Then, in a month, swap them again. So, you only need two USB drives.

As always, ICS also offers our off-site backup service. This service backs up your store data at our remote server. So, should anything catastrophic happen to your store or server, we will have your valuable data.