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Customer Tasting Notes and Ratings

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

If you’ve ever read the Team page, you would have learned that I love wine by virtue of the fact that I grow my own grapes and make my own. So, with all that wine you ask, why would I be shopping in a liquor store (an ICS customer of course!), and buying more wine?

The answer is simple. I love wine. Lots of varieties of wine. So, when I want something different than “home-made”, I stop in to my favorite store. Here is where the problem comes in. I rarely can recall the last wine I purchased, that I liked. Or maybe, six months ago I had a great table wine that I want to buy a case of. What was that wine?

What I need is a tool for when I head to my favorite store or stores, that will help me to recall what my past purchases were and to read about my own personal thoughts on the wines. Maybe, I did not care for a particular Merlot. Or perhaps, there is a great Pinot Grigio that I want to indulge in, again.

And, in fact, ICS has been working very hard to create a solution that helps the average wine shopper to track his or her wine likes and dislikes. We’re currently in a private beta, testing out all the great new features with a few retailers, and we can’t wait to invite more!

Soon, your customers will be able to walk out of the store and back home where they’ll find their purchases, tasting notes, and ratings. They might even enjoy browsing the tasting notes and ratings of wines by other consumers, friends, or family.

Retailers, keep an eye out for your invitation!