Say good-bye to speed. The future is security.

on 2015-07-30 Tony Pitale wrote

When it comes to paying for purchases and using a credit card, today’s consumer wants both speed and security. In today’s hurry-up world, the last thing on a consumers mind as they rush to check out, is the security of their credit cards. Unfortunately, recent history (Target, Home Depot) has shown that security, not speed should be their primary concern. The requirements imposed by the VISA/MC industry will have a profound effect on the speed of the customer checkout process.

Washington Post article on Target breach

Washington Post article on Home Depot breach

The good news is that every one of your customer’s purchases will be subject to the increased level of security that is the underlying reason for PCI 3.0 - consumer protection of credit card information.

PCI synopsis

As a retailer, you are forced to adapt to this philosophical shift. Your customers will be forced to as well. So take a moment and educate your patrons of the reason their credit card transaction takes a couple of extra seconds. The additional time they spend waiting will be worth the inconvenience, as opposed to the hours and days it takes to rectify a stolen identity.