Revelations of a Former Windows User

What I Get for Listening to My Son

on 2010-07-14 Tony Pitale wrote

For a long time, I thought that Windows was the best thing since peanut butter (or a great glass of wine). Not until my college son talked me into getting a Macbook did I realize how much I was missing by not using a Mac. And now with all of the press about Vista, I am even more resolved that a Mac is the way to go. I might reboot the Mac every few weeks or even longer, and then, only out of habit. The Mac is easy to use, reliable, fast, user-friendly, and most importantly - stable. I trust every update that Apple sends my way. I have yet to encounter a flaw or problem with an update.

So, what does this all mean to Vision? Our hope is to be able to offer Vision on a Mac. I currently am running my Mac as a client on Vision. There are a few visual problems, but nothing that disrupts the system’s functions. Even easier is running Vision in Parallels or VMWare where it can be kept safe from the reliability of the rest of the system.

With Vision operating on all types of PC’s (especially Linux), ICS will be able to respond to any customer’s platform of choice.