Retail Liquor Inventory Control

In the Beginning

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

At a time when IBM and NCR had “point of sale” systems, what they did not have was an inventory control process that would be economical for use in your everyday retail liquor store. The year was 1979. That is when we started to write the first inventory control system for retail liquor stores.

You may be asking - “What’s the big deal?”; In New Jersey, a retailer could purchase the same item from several vendors, in many cases at least five. From month to month, the case cost of an item could/would be different. One self-imposed design requirement was to avoid the concept of average inventory cost. Our inventory control system for retail liquor stores had, at it’s core, a multi-level scheme for maintaining inventory based on the cost of the purchase. The end result was a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sales profit report that reflected true cost of goods sold and true sales profit.

What we created was an inventory control system and “added” on a point of sale operation. While the POS is what is most visible to the consumer, the back office inventory control is what makes or breaks a retail liquor store. Without true inventory control, sales reporting and accurate inventory reordering, you may just as well purchase a cash register. The heart of every retail liquor store is it’s ability to have the correct product when it is needed, at the right price, without over-stocking.

Vision has it’s roots in our legacy system and has carried forward the multitude of techniques in maintaining a true FIFO inventory, with many levels of inventory, based on purchased price. Providing true inventory control for retail liquor stores is what we do best at Innovative Computer Solutions.