On The Road Again

California Edition

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

Jim and I assembled a very full agenda for a three-day sales call/customer visit to California for last week. We arrived in Santa Ana for our first visit on Monday afternoon. The Wine Club was our first stop, where we met with David, Carlos and Chip. Here, we set up our Vision demo on a 30” wide-screen and proceeded to demo our retail liquor store system for about 3 hours. We also inspected their existing hardware and network infra- structure. What a mess. They are using a rack server (not mounted in a rack) for a single, moderately sized store. They were way over-sold on this server.

After our demo was over, we drove to visit an old customer in the Hollywood area. From there, we checked in to our hotel and had a late dinner.

The following morning, we were on-site at Beverage Warehouse. They are a long-time Control +Plus and now Vision user. We spent all of the morning hours reviewing parts of the Vision system that they were unfamiliar with - sort of an advanced training session.

At noon, we departed for a sales call to Silverlake Wines in Los Angeles. There, we visited with the owners and talked about their installation.

Departing Silverlake, we drove for about six hours to San Francisco. Here, we checked in to our hotel and walked several blocks to finally find a decent restaurant for dinner. After dinner, we walked back via a more direct route, in the pouring rain, to our hotel. The next morning, we had a full day demo and question and answer period with the very nice people at The Wine Club. We discussed many, many features that Vision offers, as well as the corporate aspects of the Vision system. And at the end of the day, we were treated to a spectacular dinner and mini-wine tasting.

While the entire trip only lasted three days, we saw a great deal of California and met some wonderful people. We are hopeful that our sales calls will result in a few new members of the Vision family. We learned more of how a high-end wine shop like The Wine Club operates and how it differs from the boutique, neighborhood style of Silverlake Wines. Most importantly, we were at least able to introduce ourselves and our wine/liquor store point-of-sale solution to new retailers.