NRF Trade Show

2009 in New York City

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

For the first time in a few years, Jim and I attended the NRF in New York City. Our goal was to discover what new products are available for ICS to use with our Vision system in retail liquor stores. Our expectations were met at several vendor booths.

We discovered that Symbol, now owned by Motorola ( has a very good scanner for reading PDF-417 labels. The DS6700 reads standard UPC barcodes, as well as the two-dimensional driver license. It does this with a very acceptable rate of data transfer.

Next, we spent some time with the folks from Verifone ( where we discussed our needs for the upcoming retail liquor store trade show in Las Vegas. They were kind enough to provide an MX830 credit card terminal for us to demo at the show, as well as literature that is specific to the integration of ICS and Verifone.

We visited with the reps from Datalogic ( where we discussed some new tools for supporting the Memor portable device. We were also shown a new version that will be announced in June that has the ability to read PDF-417 labels. This is very exciting for our ‘line busting’ feature that we have written for the Vision system.

Next, we visited with Marnie (our sales rep) from Vanguard ID Systems ( where we chatted about the great service and support that her company provides to ICS and our retail liquor store customers.

Finally, we visited with the account reps from HP ( With ICS moving to the HP family of pc’s, HP has been very helpful with ICS’s effort to re-brand our marketing materials to include the HP logo. They have also been great in supporting our upcoming trade show effort.