New Label Printing with Vision

Produce great looking shelf labels and talkers

on 2013-05-14 Tony Pitale wrote

There are over 70,000 wines in the market today. 2-3000 new products are introduced to consumers every year. Some of these find their way to your shelves.

So how do you alert your in-store shoppers to these new items? Many retailers use a shelf talker to provide more than standard pricing information, such as tasting notes, country of origin and ratings.

Some of these talkers are provided by the distributor. More recently, retailers have been taking things into their own hands by generating a custom shelf talker template that they can use to highlight any product that they wish to feature.

Historically, any modification to shelf talkers, required customized programming; sometimes with a longer (than desired) lead time. And even then, there was limited capability in the font type, size and graphics that could be incorporated.

Recently, ICS has introduced a new function in Vision to address these shortcomings. This module incorporates a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) designer, which allows the development of a label that can be custom to your store. The new function provides a flexible development environment, allowing logos, colors, varying font types and sizes to enable the production of any size label, talker or case display. As many label types as required can be created, allowing for various promotional programs to utilize different formats.

The introduction of this new designer will take customized label and talker creation to a new level and provide you with a consistent look and feel for your ever-expanding product line.