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Experience and Lessons

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

Since we announced the Vision Robust Register, we have been busy updating all of our existing Vision customers with this new feature. At the same time, as new Vision customers are installed, they get Robust Register by virtue of purchasing a new Vision system.

We have had one situation where the customer (night-time manager) unknowingly turned off the in-store Vision server. For three days, Robust Register kept the store in operation until the store manager returned to discover what one of his employees had done. After calling ICS and resetting the server, all of the sales transactions were seamlessly updated (unattended) into the Vision database. At the end of the automatic update process, the manager was 100% on target with all of the daily cash and sales reports.

On several occasions, the Vision server or the in-store network and the registers have stopped communicating. Once again, the Vision Robust Register process has maintained the POS operation. The cashier was virtually unaware of any issues, aside from the “traffic light” indicator on the register LCD that tells the cashier their current mode of operation.

The amazing feature about Robust Register is the total hands-off approach to the solution of this age-old problem. The store manager and cashier do not need to upload data in the morning to “get the registers in sync”. When a failure occurs, they do not need to download any transactions or start some “syncing” process to integrate the transaction in to the database.

Simple, easy-to-use, and flawless is how we describe Robust Register.