Las Vegas Trade Show

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on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

As is our tradition, Jim and I arrived in Sin City on Monday, February 25th and set up our ICS trade show booth. The show officially opens February 26 at 11 am and runs till 6 pm. Tomorrow the doors open at 11 noon and the show will close at 5 pm.

As the show started, we were visited by Greg & Durrell from Beverage Warehouse, Joe Anderson from Spirit and Wine Cellar, and Dave Dobbs from Red carpet Wines. Later in the day, Dino from Monroe stopped by to visit. It is always great to see our current customers visit our booth and enjoying the trade show and Las Vegas.

During the course of the day, we were visited by four different guests from Montana. We do not have any stores in this state and are hopeful that we can close one (or more) of these leads. This will open up a new state for ICS and Vision.

As we were about to shut down for the day, we were visited by a group from the State of Idaho. Idaho is a state controlled environment. They own over 50 stores and are the “vendor” to over 100 privately owned stores. This is exactly the same model as the Maryland Liquor Control Board. So we are encouraged that our LCB version will fulfill the State of Idaho requirements.

On Wednesday, the 27th, the show opened at 11 am and closed at 5 pm. In previous years, the traffic on the second day of the show is generally painfully non-existent. To our surprise, we had a fairly steady stream of visitors for the better part of the 6 hours. We were visited a second time by the owners of Stockmanʼs. We did not have any of our existing customers visit this day. And as the day wore on, there were less people walking the floor.

In all, we were able to obtain over twenty leads, many of which we believe to be worthy prospects.

We plan on doing the show again next year, as our customer base continues to spread to new states, we feel encouraged that stores are continuing to look for new or replacement systems.