Just a Nice Letter

Customer kind words

on 2013-04-18 Tony Pitale wrote

The staff at ICS work very hard, every day, to provide the best possible service and support to a wide range of customers. It is not always easy to resolve everyone’s issues. Anticipating each unique customers needs is a challenge.

But, every once in a while, a customer takes the time to reflect on the good times. They look at the glass and ask if it is half empty or half full. In our case, we hope it is more than half full.

Such was the case when I received this unsolicited email from Larry Jensen of D. Schuler Wine Cellar in Wyoming, MI.

Thank you Larry.

Dear Tony,

We have now been in operation for a little over two (2) years as D. Schulers Wine Cellar in Wyoming, Mi. From day one (1) we were on your system and had a few growing pains but I have to admit that most of those growing pains with your system was self inflicted. I can remember having a conversation with several of your customers (references) when they said “we like the folks at Winepos but what we like the best is that we seldom have to talk to them”. Each and everyone of your techs have helped solve our issues in a very timely manner and it is much appreciated.

Without hesitation I would recommend your services. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of the Winepos family.

Larry Jensen D. Schulers Wyoming, Mi