Inauguration Day Off

Welcome to President Barack Obama

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

Well, January 5th started off like any other day in ICS-land. A bit cold outside, a few fires inside but nothing out of the ordinary.

Around 10AM I opened a company email from Anne and Tony announcing that they had decided, due to the unusual and once-in-a-lifetime circumstances for our new Presidents inauguration, all ICS employees would be given the 20th off so that we could watch the festivities.

In the weeks since, I have mentioned this to several clients and prospects and received some interesting comments. Not only do folks consider it ‘enlightening’ and a ‘neat idea’, but several have expressed the opinion that they were jealous that we would have the opportunity to experience history (even if it was through a television).

Now I was much too young to remember JFK’s inauguration or his speech, but in the last two months, many parallels have been drawn to these two statesmen. While the election divided our country politically, the time since November 4th has been one of great optimism and anticipation. While we, as Americans, have many reasons for hope and the expectations for Obama are high, the significance and symbolism of his inauguration cannot be overlooked. The word ‘potential’ has always defined our country and I (and many others) look forward to seeing it brought to the forefront in the months ahead.