Improving Customer Service

Be a hero to your customer

on 2011-04-07 Tony Pitale wrote

In today’s competitive retail market (industry aside), every retailer is feverishly working to set themselves apart from the crowd. Product selection is certainly a deciding factor that will attract potential shoppers. A clean and well-lit store makes it an attractive and comfortable place to shop. Friendly and knowledgable sales people to be accessible when a customer requires some assistance contributes to the shopping experience.

These are all factors that certainly influence my decision where I shop, for any product. Going beyond what a retailer can do, there is the system infrastructure that should be in place to support the visible efforts of any retailer.

I’m very excited to talk about a major enhancement to the customer order processing in Vision that will contribute to the shoppers experience.

Prior to this change, if an order was placed using our customer order module, the order needed to be completed in the back office. This meant that if a customer phoned in an order (for example) and then walked in to the store to pick up the order, a back office person would need to complete the transaction.

Today, that same customer can now go to the POS checkout, provide their name or a customer order number and the cashier can now complete the transaction. This new process affords the shopper added convenience and allows the customer order personnel to not be distracted from their handling of non-walk-in orders.

Now, the shopper has a positive experience and will certainly keep your store at the top of their list for future purchases.