ICS Theory on Software Releases

How ICS keeps our clients current on the latest and greatest

on 2012-10-19 Tony Pitale wrote

On-going updates of software applications has been a basic offering of most independent software developers (ISV) as long as they have been around. This holds true for your small ISV’s all the way to the behemoths of our industry, such as Microsoft, Oracle, etc. To a fault, every ISV approaches software updates from the same perspective. They release a version of their application or operating system, and once a year (in most cases), they release a ‘service pack’, which addresses numerous corrections, adjustments and enhancements. This becomes your option to download and install, often creating a whole series of complications.

During your time on your specific version, you can hopefully get support for the almost certain operational anomalies. In many cases, the best response they can provide is to wait for the next release.

At ICS, we have turned this model on its heels. We look at software updates (and support) from a totally unique approach. Yes, you can call our office and be provided with real-person support. However, ICS takes a much more aggressive tactic with respect to upgrades.

The ICS development team is involved with a daily, never-ending process of small, incremental updates and enhancements to Vision. At the same time, we are correcting any customer reported or internally discovered software problems (you call them bugs). And, every four weeks (on average), we deliver (via the internet) the latest version of our Vision application.

This results in staying ahead of the curve with bug fixes. (At times providing you with the correction before you are aware of the problem) This process allows us to get industry dictated changes to you faster than once a year, thereby allowing you to take advantage of these new features, thus enhancing the operation of your business.

ICS will never be confused with Microsoft. But this policy, along with many others that have been our trademark over the years, places us (in our opinion) on a level surpassing the ‘industry giants’.