ICS Philosophy

What really matters

on 2010-09-16 Tony Pitale wrote

What does WeatherTech, David Mac Neil and ICS have in common. After all, WeatherTech produces after-market products for the automotive industry. The last time I checked, their products are generally not sold in a retail beer/liquor/wine shop. And they are certainly not selling Vision software systems to automobile buffs. So what’s the similarity?

Every entrepreneur is in the business of their choice for several reasons. At the top of that list is profit. As I read an article by David on the WeatherTech business philosophy, it gave me pause to reflect on how ICS has conducted business for over 30 years. We have made every effort to be honest with ourselves and our clients. The health and safety of our employees and our support of their commitment to their own families, comes before all else. We have an obligation to our children to make the world a better place for their future. We must teach them that they too must pass on this responsibility to their children. ICS has always and continues to employ our own developers, installers/trainers, sales people and general purpose employees. Each one is critical to the survival of ICS. And this survival is what fuels the slow and steady contribution ICS can make to the improvement of our American economic condition.

I see no compelling reason to “go overseas” for help. I see the future of ICS as a continuance of the past philosophies: honesty, commitment to family, employee security and a small profit to be shared amongst those that make it possible.