I don't think Bruce was thinking about this Sandy.

on 2012-11-08 Tony Pitale wrote

Everyone knows that I am a huge Bruce fan. My bucket list includes meeting and chatting with The Boss one day. Until that day, I will have to console myself by listening to my Bruce collection on my iPod or attending a concert whenever I can (Vancouver & Portland, here I come!).

When I first heard that a hurricane was being named Sandy and that Sandy was on it’s way, I never realized the enormity of the storm. We took the standard precautions at our office and at home. All we could do now was wait it out, as did everyone else potentially affected by Sandy.

I never expected our area to be so devastated by the hurricane. Personally, we are 2.5 miles from the coast and lost the largest tree in our yard to Sandy. But that is nothing compared to the effects felt by so many residents and businesses that were situated closer to the coast. It is now nine days and at least two of our employees remain without power.

When the reality hit that our power outage, both at home and at the ICS office, would be for an extended time, we were forced to improvise. With the help of Jim & Matt, we put together a plan to relocate essential support hardware as well as support personnel.

Matt was able to find a relative with power and internet service. Jim was able to recommend a hotel in PA that would serve as ICS remote until Sunday following the storm.

As luck would have it, we had power restored to our office Monday and were able to move back in to the building. Many of our employees remained without power. So, coming to work was the warmest spot they could find.

I want to thank each and every ICS employee for their contribution during this temporary situation. While we do not enjoy this disruption in services, we learned a great deal about what to do the next time it happens.