I Could Not Have Said It Better

Flex Pricing comes to the Rescue

on 2013-11-21 Tony Pitale wrote

this from Jack at Berman’s via email …

This is a solution to a problem that may be of interest, not a request for help!

We wanted to discount all items in several sub depts by 20%. Some items were already on sale at less than 20% off, and we didn’t want to sell them at a lower price. If those items are simply excluded from the 20% discount list, they are not counted toward the minimum quantity.

I discovered that if you enter price in the Price field in the Mix and Match tab, it overrides the 20% discount.

To create the item list, I searched for the sub dept, selected the items to have a minimum price, inverted the selection, and created list. Then I inserted each of the missing items and entered the minimum price in the Price field.

Now we can sell 12 or more items from the 20% off sub dept, and those with minimum prices are not discounted further, and they still count toward the minimum.

Once again, Vision is able to handle a complex pricing scheme!

Jack Korpi Berman’s Wine & Spirits