How To Protect Yourself

As a Retail Liquor Store Owner

on 2010-07-14 Tony Pitale wrote

A nicely dressed young person puts the six-pack on the counter. Your cashier asks for proof of age. The young person hands the cashier their drivers license. The cashier looks at it, thinks for a minute, hands it back to the customer and rings up the item. The nice young person leaves the store. No problem.

Two days later, the ABC walks in, and asks if this nice young person was carded. You ask your cashier and they say - “you bet”. As a retailer, you just lost. You have no proof that that customer was carded. It is the cashier’s word. Not good enough for the ABC.

With Vision and the new Metrologic PDF scanner, you can scan the customer’s drivers license at the point of purchase. The Vision system will read the license and immediately tell your cashier if the person is over the legal age to purchase. Granted, this does not protect you from a forged license. However, with drivers license capture, the sale that is made to the customernow has attached to it the name, address and drivers license number. This information is stored in your Vision system. Should the ABC request a copy of the sales receipt, you have proof that the license was scanned. You are protected.