How to be a "big" retailer

Using sales history to provide quality customer service

on 2013-04-29 Tony Pitale wrote

A popular TV commercial these days consists of a couple who can’t remember what flowers they planted last year. The helpful associate at a national big box chain uses the customer’s sales history to provide this useful information and the story ends happily.

Yes, it’s true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Vision users have had this tool available for years. Every time a customer is identified at the register or through a Web Order, their purchases are connected to their account. So if your customer wants to remember what brand of champagne they purchased back in December or how many bottles of merlot they had ordered for their party, you can retrieve this information and provide all the detail.

If you are a Tasty retailer, this same information is available to your customer from the comfort of their home using Your customer will also be able to keep their own private tasting notes about the products they have purchased.

Now, (on several levels), this story has a happy ending and your customer remembers the great service they received for their simple (but important) question. And there’s no need to let them know how easy it was to gather this information through Vision.