Gift Card

Success, Problems, and Solutions

on 2010-07-14 Tony Pitale wrote

The use of internal Gift Cards in Vision has resulted in several benefits. The ability to keep ‘inquiry’ costs “How much is left on this card?” to 0 (as opposed to the .50 transaction fee assessed by the credit card companies) has certainly made this feature attractive. Retailers also like the ability to customize their cards, further branding their name to the public.

One problem has arisen with the cards recently that relates to Corporate or Multi-store locations. This is the ability for a customer to purchase a gift card at Store A and redeem it at Store B.

ICS has addressed this issue by centralizing the processing of all Gift Cards at a single location, accessible by all stores. A card, purchased at any store will be placed on the server and immediately become available to all other locations. This resolves the problem and also prevents any type of potential fraud that might result should a customer try to redeem the card in multiple locations for more than its original value.