Fred's Liquor Store

Making the Decision

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

Fred’s old point-of-sale system looked great on the outside but was rather shallow on the inside. David Warner, the owner of Fred’s liquor store in Page, Arizona was in a jam. After seeking customer support and finding after long hours on the phone that his point-of-sale company had merged with a larger company and had discontinued support he began to look for a replacement POS system. After narrowing it down to three POS systems David began comparing and contrasting his options. One system was a do-it-yourself out of the box system with a rather large instruction manual; another was a generic system that any retail sector could use but would require starting from scratch; while the last system was designed specifically for liquor retailers and offered the depth and robustness a retailer deserves while preserving his current system data. The decision was a no-brainer: David chose Vision.

ICS was able to convert his old data, bringing his items, UPC’s, and much more over to Vision. I personally spent a week on-site with David and his staff, installing his new POS hardware, making sure that his data conversion was as seamless as possible and giving them support and training on their new system. Spending the week in Page was a great experience and after a long week of training on his new system David and I celebrated by having one of the best margarita’s I’ve ever had. Thanks David. So, if you’re in Page taking a tour of the Grand Canyon stop by Fred’s and check out their store.