EMV Status

Temporary chargeback solution

on 2016-03-01 Tony Pitale wrote

Dear Valued Customer,

In the last year, ICS has kept you updated as to the progress/status of the finals step of the PCI process – EMV chip acceptance.

As you know, we have been in constant contact with Verifone, demanding completion dates for EMV certification with the 12 processors that use the Gateway. The projected dates have continued to slip, indicating to us that this part of the project is months away from final completion.

We have explored other alternatives during this time. Other Gateways do not have the depth of support provided by Payware. Still others would seek to increase your monthly fees by a minimum of 20%. And NONE of the Gateways have more than 1 or 2 processors certified; essentially meaning we would address a handful of customers while leaving the balance in the same position that they are today – unable to accept chip cards.

At this time, we have determined two things; All viable avenues have been pursued and exhausted. Our customers can no longer afford to wait for Verifone without an interim solution to handle their EMV cards, avoiding chargebacks which will continue to accrue. I urge you to read and consider the notice below.



Dear Vision Retailer,

Everyone is aware of the lack of progress with being able to accept the EMV Chip Cards with your integrated credit card devices. While we were told that EMV would be ready by October, 2015, that deadline from both Verifone and the processors has not been met.

ICS is unable to install EMV software until it is provided by Verifone. In turn, Verifone cannot distribute the software until it has been tested and approved by the processors. Due dates to provide the software to us continue to be extended. Given the schedule that we have recently received, ICS has put together a plan to alleviate future chargebacks.

As you may know, a fraudulent duplicated card is used with a mag stripe. When the original card had a chip on it, the liability for that transaction has moved from the card issuing banks to you, the merchant. Because EMV programming is not yet available on the Mx915/Mx925 Card Readers, we highly recommend that you shift your procedures to running ALL transactions on an EMV Chip Card enabled stand-beside terminal to protect your business against future EMV Fraud Chargebacks.

In other words, you will scan all the items for sale and then select the Tender Type as “External Credit Card”. Instead of the customer swiping their own card, you would swipe the card or insert the chip on the stand-beside terminal that is EMV Chip Card enabled. ICS will provide instructions for you to create or turn on an external credit card tender in your Vision system.

Here are three options that can be implemented to protect against chargebacks unit EMV is ready on your MX devices:

1) For retailers who already use ICS’s recommended credit card provider, Payment Management as their processing partner, ICS and Payment Management will jointly provide stand-beside, chip enabled terminals and chip enabled PIN Pad for each lane that you have at NO COST.

2) For our retailers who do not use Payment Management, we invite you to take advantage of this special offer. We know you will find that Payment Management’s service is superior, their special pricing through our affiliation is very competitive and their many additional features will enhance your processing program. They will provide you with a competitive analysis with guaranteed savings. You are invited to update your processing, reduce your costs and prevent chargebacks. This special program comes to you through the partnership of ICS and Payment Management. You will receive a stand-beside chip enabled terminal and chip enabled PIN Pad for each checkout lane that you currently have at NO COST. Contact ICS or Payment Management at 609-924-1249, support@paymentmgmt.com

3) You also have the option to reach out directly to your processor to acquire a stand-beside, chip enabled card reader to be used with EMV cards.

Note: Options 1 and 2 will also allow you to suspend your Gateway charges once the stand-beside terminals and the optional PIN Pad have been installed. You will need to contact ICS to initiate this procedure. Once EMV is available, the account will be re-activated. There are no additional fees associated with de-activation/re-activation.

Payment Management will provide you with a new Verifone Vx520 Dual Comm Contactless terminal, with the accompanying Vx805 PIN Pad programmed and ready to use for each checkout lane that you have. This is a limited time offer.