on 2016-08-18 Tony Pitale wrote

We have all been going through the EMV tunnel. As of today, there is light at the end of that tunnel. ICS now has 64.39% of our retailers MX devices now accepting the chip card. We are able to do this on four credit card platforms - Chase, Elavon, Vantiv and First data. Having been involved in this transition for many years, we fully understand the pressure points for our retailers. Sadly, ICS has virtually no control over when the processors become certified on the gateway, allowing us to move forward with the chip technology.

And through all of this, we have been confronted with countless hours of phone calls and emails asking us when, why, etc.

It was very refreshing to receive an email from one of our long time customers expressing how if feels to have lived through this debacle.

Here is the essence of that email:

“One additional personal aside – I have come to believe that EMV was the greatest scam by the banking industry, unabated by our federal/state governments, since Sarbanes – Oxley.

I now believe that, Payment Management and ICS were also unwilling dupes, only trying to provide proactive customer awareness and service. I suspect many of your customers (me included) have disparaged your organizations over this past year inappropriately. We rely on your expertise, support and guidance. Accordingly, you were our only resource to focus our frustration. I apologize!

Thank you for your perseverance through this boondoggle.”

No more needs to be said.

Thank you.