Ease of Use is the Key

Capture the Setting Flag

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

When we were developing, enhancing, and supporting Control +Plus, Anne & I found that we were constantly adding new flags or parameters to the system. The purpose was to make the system react differently for various customers, based on their individual needs. Through the years, these flags became too numerous to keep track of. While they added flexibility to the system, we found that we lost track of all of the options we had built into the program.

Until recently, we found that we had fallen into the same bottomless pit of flags with Vision. It was a never-ending journey of discovery when we wanted to know if we had a flag or did we need to add a new one. Or maybe we had one that could be adopted to solve a particular customer problem.

Thanks to our very creative development team, we now have an easy method to find any flag or parameter in Vision, without going hunting. On any Vision screen, there is a “System” button at the top of the screen. Simply click on system and the first entry is System Parameters. Click here and you are able to search for any flag or parameter in Vision. To enhance your experience, you are also able to change the value of the parameter of flag right here. No need to go to any other screen.

Our goal with Vision is always to make the system as user-friendly and as customizable to as many wine and liquor retailers as possible.