Data Security

Redundancy, Automation, and Monitoring

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

At ICS, we think your data is critically important, so we have developed advanced strategies for creating backups of your store’s information. We offer redundant solutions, using a variety of storage media, automation options, and monitoring capabilities. We trust our techniques because they’ve worked great in many instances of hardware failure, theft, and natural disasters.

I want to talk about one tricky aspect of data security that may be missing from other systems and vendors.

Let’s assume that that your automated backup system took a snapshot of your data at 4pm and copied it to an external usb drive. If your server fails catastrophically at 6pm, you may have no other copy of the sales that you processed for the past 2 hours. How do you recover? Will you still be able to trust your inventory counts? Is there going to be a gap in your sales?

With Vision, your data is safe. Duplicate copies of sales information is saved locally on each register so that they can be uploaded to the server again if that information has been lost. Your inventory counts will be correct and you will have all your sales information.