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on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

One of the new features that has been recently added to our wireless solution was suggested by Ed from Young’s Fine Wines & Spirits. As the owner of a very fine wine ship, Ed and his staff were faced with a situation where they would be talking with a customer and recommending various wines. The problem is that there are so many wines and the retailer/sales person is not always as well versed in each wine as they would like to be. With the proper inputting of tasting notes in the Vision AA/Extra Info tab, all that remained was to be able to share this information with the consumer.

Here is where the new wireless solution we call Tasting Notes becomes an indispensable tool. Armed with a mobile device, such as the Janam mobile computer, the retailer/sales person can scan the item or enter the item number and the tasting notes can now be shared, on the spot with the consumer.

Using this technology, the consumer is able to make an informed purchase. This in turn leads to a happy customer, who we hope will visit the store again, knowing they will get a very high quality of service.