Credit card Failover

Protect against internet outage at the point of sale

on 2014-08-27 Tony Pitale wrote

If you are in an area where your Internet is unreliable and experience occasional failures, you know that an outage affects your ability to process credit cards.

In today’s world, these transactions are a major portion of your business. Previous backup solutions have required manual devices, alternate processors or telephone connections, each which has necessitated double reconciliation at the end of the interruption.

ICS is pleased to offer a low-cost solution that integrates with your Vision system, which includes a 4G wireless modem that will sense the Internet interruption and automatically switch your processing mode to a secured wireless connection . The process takes less than 20 seconds to switch over in the event of an Internet failure. (Once the failure has been corrected, the modem will return control back to the normal router). Only one modem is required to service every register at your store.

You no longer need to live in fear of an in internet outage. This solution will easily keep your credit cards processing with your Vision POS system during an internet failure.