Compound the Value of Your System

Best Ways to Save

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

So what does this have to do with a retail point-of-sale system? Well, we certainly don’t advocate using your system as a bank; however by using some of Vision’s powerful features, you can make it generate money (in savings) for you.

Let’s take a simple example. You begin to use the Purchase Order Generator tool to order products from 1 of your 15 vendors. Based on your sales history, generate a predictive purchasing report. Compare that report against what your vendor WANTS you to purchase. I’m guessing that there is at least a case less of product on your report than on theirs.

So do the math. Average a case at 75.00 order from this vendor once a week. The difference in what you pay based on your report is 3750.00 per year(over 50 weeks). If you do this for 10 of your vendors, the number jumps to almost 38000. Per year! Certainly not chump change. In the interest of transparency, some of the products you purchase are ‘deal motivated’ and may not fit this equation; however it is the ‘non-deal’ products that you can save money on, merely by paying attention to what you SHOULD order rather than what they (the vendors) want you to purchase.

Take a look at the Suggested Order Generator routine in Vision, the next time you want to place an order. You may find that it can provide you with REAL savings, money that you can keep in your pocket, rather than spending it on product that languishes on your shelf. After all, whose kids do you want to put through college - yours or theirs!