Closing a Security Loophole

on 2015-08-10 Tony Pitale wrote

We often say ‘the combination of booze and money is dangerous’. This is especially true at the register, where the temptation of ready cash sometimes becomes too great for a cashier.

I am delighted to announce the introduction of ‘Close Drawer’, a feature that will prevent the next transaction from starting until the cash drawer has been closed.

For many years this was a standard feature in Control +Plus (our legacy POS system). Then, we used the serial port to drive the receipt printer and cash drawer. With the advent of Windows PC’s and our current technologies, we opted to run the receipt printer (and thusly, the cash drawer) using the USB port. This combination did not offer an easy to program “close drawer” solution. In fact, we spent months trying to develop to this hardware combination. Recently, we learned that there was a direct connection USB solution from the PC to the cash drawer (skipping the receipt printer). This technology allowed us to write the close drawer enhancement in four hours.

This modification reduces the means to steal.

This enhanced feature requires a USB cash drawer to operate. Retailers can either purchase new cash drawers (5 and 6 till models are available) OR upgrade any drawer that has a RG45 module connection.

To enhance the drawer security at your store, please contact ICS at 732-223-0909, option 3 for sales or email Jim or Tony (,