Cleaning Up After the 'Hurricane'

Looking Forward

on 2012-07-17 Tony Pitale wrote

Washington Retailers – Cleaning up after the ‘hurricane’

5 Weeks into the States privatization effort, Washington retailers are beginning to stick their heads out of the bunker.

All Vision users have survived the initial ‘storm’; the ‘abandonment’ by the State in their rush to exit the Liquor business, the chaos surrounding the June 1st opening with limited product and even more limited services, and the need to employ, train and retain personnel in a retail business that, prior to 6/1, was strictly controlled. And this doesn’t even account for the ‘whirlwind’ of new regulations, taxes and fees – all guaranteed to make one’s head spin. At ICS (Winepos), we are pleased that you were able to overcome these obstacles with an assist from the Vision POS system.

And now….. It’s time to look forward and get some traction.

For some, this means looking at their sales reports and analyzing what products or product lines make a profit versus what lines need to be adjusted.

For others, it means using the Vision tools available to develop an intelligent purchase order and adjusting the retail prices to reflect the ‘new reality’.

But for all…. The next challenge will be in filing the quarterly Liquor Control Board reports – also known as Forms 164 and 164a. These require statistics on your purchases (in liters, shown monthly) as well as your sales, (in dollars and liters) by day, pre and post-tax to consumers and licensees.

It’s easy to see that compiling this data, (even if your POS provides it) will require you to reserve (at minimum) a day to prepare. (The initial report is due September 25th).

Vision users, however, do not have that concern. A user defined report, entitled ‘Print LIQ-164-WA and LIQ-164a-WA Combined Report for Purchases and Sales’, extracts this information and provides you with a clear and concise summary in less than a minute. This gives you additional time to do the things that are important to your business – like making money.

There is one constant for all retail liquor stores – storms will always develop, distracting you and challenging your resources and skills. With Vision as your POS foundation, you can be assured that you will always have the tools to weather any challenge.