Can you ‘Play’ with Apple Pay?

on 2014-12-12 Tony Pitale wrote

Since the release of the Apple Pay mobile payment application, electronic payments through Near Field Communications (NFC) have gained traction in the Retail Market.

Sure, Android has had this feature for several years. The problem is that mobile payments applications have had multiple diverse vendors (Paypal, Google Wallet, Square, LevelUp and Breadcrumb, just to mention a few), so the market has been fragmented. It took Apple’s announcement to finally bring the value and convenience of this service into focus.

ICS’ reaction has been similar to the general marketplace. While we have observed the evolution of this payment method, it has been from afar and with a degree of skepticism. We were willing to wait until a standardized payment model gained acceptance before committing to a strategy.

Happily, that decision has been made for us. Verifone Payments has announced a partnership with Apple to provide the Apple Pay/NFC interface through its PCI 3.0 payment terminals, the Mx915, Mx925 and the VX805. Vision releases using SCA, beginning in November, now seamlessly support Apple Pay through these terminals.

Many of the processors today (Chase Paymentech, First Data North, Heartland, TSYS) currently support Apple Pay, however others (Elavon, First Data Omaha) have not implemented their NFC capabilities. While this will change over the next several months, it’s always best to check with your processor to make sure they support this feature, and if not, when they will. Your Vision system will be ready to accept these payments when they are.